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    Organ Donation Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

    Even in the face of a tragic loss, it is possible for life saving miracles to take place.

    Just ask Dallas police officer Josh Forner who has seen it happen right before his eyes and in his own family.

    His sister, Brittany married a Marine, Payton McCarty. The two had been high school sweethearts and together they had a small business and two children together.

    Tragedy struck when Payton was tragically injured in a motorcycle accident. When it was clear that he would not recover, the Marine who lived to serve would be given a chance to serve one more time to serve. He would become an organ donor to another Dallas police officer, who was in need of a kidney.

    Forner told his sister about his fellow officer and friend, police Officer Bryson Brown, who was in need. The McCarty family agreed it was something that Payton would have wanted to do.

    Since the transplant, Officer Brown’s father says that his son’s health is already improving and that he is expected to be released from Baylor University Medical Center in the next few days.

    Officer Forner intends to keep his brother-in-law’s company, McCarty Fabrication, running. However, his brother-in-law had no life insurance and he was the sole source of support for the family.

    Nothing can adequately compensate for the loss of a loved one. After a fatal accident, a whole exists in the family where the lost family member once was. Even though Payton McCarty will in essence live on through his kidney donation, there are other matters such as family support that have left them wondering what to do next. A go fund me page has been set up for community members and friends to help, but often such measures just aren’t enough. That is why after such a tragic accident it is important to get the counsel of an attorney in order to ensure your rights.

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