Multiple Runners Allege Car Tried To Run Them Over

It’s scary for a pedestrian to get in an accident with a vehicle. It’s another thing entirely when pedestrians are deliberately targeted. Several women have come forward claiming that a driver tried to run them over while they were running. NBC 5 has the story.

One of the runners was hit and injured by the driver. The accidents have been happening on Swiss Avenue in East Dallas. Social media has allowed the women to talk and confirm that the incidents weren’t just the mistake of a random driver. Many are afraid to come forward due to fear of reprisals. At least five women have been targeted so far by the mystery offender. In at least one case, the driver pulled into the left lane to aim at a runner on the other side of the road.

The stories of the women and a description of the alleged car responsible for the attacks can be found at NBC 5. We hope that the person responsible for these attacks is brought to justice and that the injured individual can get compensation.

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