Drunk Driver Creates Program to Help College Students

Alcohol removes clear judgment from individuals and can cause them to commit tragedies. However, after sobering up, sometimes a drunk who did something terrible will want to make a difference. That’s what one student is trying to do at UT Arlington.

Benito Capellan was convicted of driving drunk and killing a young woman in an accident. While out on bail, he enrolled into UT Arlington and began building a program for drunk students to easily get a ride after a party.

“I wanted to create something to where I can help others not make the same mistakes that I’ve made in my life,” says Capellan.

The program is called Gallop Safe Ride. The program will be provided to students for free, but they are currently looking for sponsors. Capellan’s sister is running the program while he serves his jail sentence, which is up in May.

UTA currently does not offer any sort of ride program for UTA students, though they do offer an escort service for people who are walking campus at night.

It’s good to see a former drunk try to atone for their actions. However, there are many who are unrepentant. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a drunk driver, you may be eligible for compensation. Call our offices for more information.


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