Drunk Driver Crashes Into Ambulance, Injuring Patient

North Carolina authorities have placed blame on a DWI driver as being the cause of an infant boy being in an area hospital and now fighting for his life.

According to a story which appeared on Dallas’ CBS local website, the crash happened on a highway near Winston-Salem late Sunday. An infant boy and his mother, residents of the state of Virginia, were traveling inside a Virginia-based ambulance service. The child was being taken to treatment for an unspecified condition.

Winston-Salem Police Department Officer Lt. Newnum, said in an interview that a drunk driver pulled out in front of the speeding ambulance, which caused the emergency vehicle to flip over.

The ambulance and the alleged DWI driver, Jose Duran Romero, 27, had been heading southbound on U.S. Highway 52 when Romero’s smaller vehicle struck the side of the ambulance. The impact caused the drivers of both vehicles to lose control; the ambulance rolled and ended up on its side.

Police have declined to release the identity of the child. Also injured in the crash were the baby’s mother and two emergency medical personnel. No word has been released on the condition of the child’s mother or the ambulance crew members who were also on board.

Investigators say that Romero, a resident of Winston-Salem, has been charged with driving while intoxicated, failure to reduce speed and driving without a license.


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