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    Driver Injures Striking Worker at Factory

    A striking worker at the Bell Helicopter facility and a truck driver had confrontation that turned violent. One of the men was arrested while the other had to be treated at the scene by emergency responders.

    UAW Local 218 represents about 2,500 hourly workers which represent the organized Bell employees voted to go on strike at midnight on Friday.

    Approximately a dozen employees were picketing outside of the Bell plant. Some of the picketers shouted at several drivers headed to work as they crossed the picket line.

    Witnesses, including a local reporter, stated that the truck driver did not fully wait for the light to change, driving his truck forward and directly into a group of picketers, hitting one man in the leg. The victim fell to the ground and other picketing workers pounded on the truck in an attempt to get the driver to stop.

    Police were called to the scene at the Bell plant where they placed the driver under arrest.

    The injured worker is identified as Darryl Wooldridge. Paramedics treated Wooldridge at the scene in an ambulance refused to be transported to the hospital. The worker was eventually able to walk, though with a heavy limp on his left leg. The worker went home for the day.

    Sometimes during pickets and peaceful protests, injuries can occur. The tempers of both sides of any issue can run high and can spill over. While it is unclear why this driver reacted as he did, what is clear is that he will likely face both criminal and civil charges and the strong possibility of legal action against him for the worker’s injuries. Having an accident attorney that specializes in workplace injuries and workman’s compensation issues is essential.

    On the job accidents can happen at any time and suffering a serious injury on the job can be an agonizing experience. Medical treatment, loss of income for time off the job, long term care and other expenses can quickly add up. Before you sign anything with your insurance provider or your employer, give our offices a call. We will act as your point of contact for the insurance companies and workman’s compensation and all other interested parties. We will also work to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your personal injuries. If you or a loved one have been injured on the job or have suffered a loss due to a workplace injury, our experienced attorneys are here to give you the best advice for your personal situation.

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