Deadly Teen Crash Serves as a Lesson

Driver safety starts at an early age. Children watch how parents drive and copy their habits. Later, when they turn of age, they get permits and learn the full rules of the road. But those early habits remain and it can lead to tragic results.

NBC 5 is talking about how parents are responding to the deadly crash in Plano that killed two 16-year-olds and critically injured a third. The police report says the were traveling at a high rate of speed and ran a stop sign before hitting a tree.

Driving instructors in schools are using the incident as a lesson to warn other teens about the dangers of driving too fast on the road. Parents are also warning their teens about the dangers of excessive speeding.

Car accidents are in the news nearly every day. Talking with your teen about why they might have happened and how it might have been avoided is a good strategy to get them thinking about safety when they are on the roads. Teach them the safety strategies you use as well, and make sure you do them as well.

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