Cyclist Struck and Killed in Frisco

Despite the amount of bicycles sold each year, many motorists take unsafe actions around road cyclists. It just takes one tiny bump to cause a cyclist serious injury or death, and many cars pass far too close for comfort.

Such a situation has happened on Saturday morning in Frisco. At Dallas Parkway and Panther Creek Parkway a cyclist was hit. The cyclist was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. Police are still investigating the crime and little more is known.

If you are out driving on the road and you encounter a cyclist, don’t get angry. Pass them and give them a wide berth if they’re going too slow for your tastes. Cyclists, in return, must follow all the rules of the road and not take unnecessary risks like running lights. Just these two things would go a long way in preventing bicycling accidents. Most cyclists are wearing less safety gear than a motorcyclist, putting them at special risk for severe injury.

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