Comatose Child Hit by Drunk Driver Dies After Six Years

download (8)It is heartbreaking when a helpless child is in an accident, especially so when they are critically injured to the point of being in a coma.  Abdallah was 2 years old when the car that he was in was slammed into by a drunk driver.

Abdallah died, six years after he was put into that coma.  “There’s no more pain, no more suffering, no more medicine, no more machines,” said Abdallah’s mother.  “I feel at ease now.  He is with God. He’s an angel in heaven.”

The tragic part of this story is that the person who has been convicted of many DWIs, and was caught with an alleged blood alcohol level of 3 times over the legal limit has not yet been charged in this matter.  Unfortunately, the death of this young child has not prompted prosecutors to increase the charges that the driver faces to manslaughter.

The mother of Abdallah knows how much her child suffered, forgives the driver, but still wants to see him punished.  “I also want to free myself of (the drunk driver),” said the mother. “He’s not gonna haunt me anymore.  I want to tell him that I forgive him because my son is now in heaven… that does not mean I do not want punishment for him.  I’m still going to go through the trial.  I’m still going to want higher punishment, because he deserves higher punishment.  He hurt so many people before.”

Cases like this are tricky when they involve someone who’s had multiple DWI convictions.  That’s where having a great attorney on your side can truly help, and our attorneys have the dedication to get the settlements that you deserve.


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