Teen Driver Dies from Drinking and Driving

downloadYoung drivers, especially ones still on a permit, have a lot to learn about driving safely. Young drivers can only drive in the presence of a fully licensed driver, but when those other drivers are also teens then it’s a recipe for trouble. Add alcohol and it’s even worse.

One teen has paid with their life for drinking and driving, and two others were injured. A 15-year-old driver is believed to have been speeding and driving under the influence when they left the road and crashed into a power pole. The crash happened in Garland in the early morning hours.

The other two teens are still undergoing treatment. It is unknown what their ages are or if they were licensed.

This is just another lesson that you shouldn’t drink and drive, and that we all should work to keep alcohol out of the hands of teenagers. Never forget that cars are extremely dangerous devices. It is so easy to cause an accident with just a moment of inattention.

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