Biker Dies in Deer Collision Near Lake Worth

Whenever you drive on a rural road, you have to be careful of wildlife. Animals may not know better than to get out of the way of a vehicle. Hitting an animal can cause a surprising amount of damage and injury to the occupants. Deer and other large mammals have a lot of mass in a small space, so they hit much harder than it might seem.

Compound that with a motorcycle and the results can be fatal. A man from Dallas has died near Lake Worth after striking a deer, according to local police. The man was tossed from his bike and fell in the roadway. Rescuers were able to get him to the hospital, but he died there.

This accident happened just after midnight. If you are driving in a rural area, you should follow these rules to stay safe from animal collisions:

  • Use your high-beams if it is safe to do so. Animal eyes may not be visible with normal headlights. There is a tell-tale gleam that an animal’s eyes can give off when they are struck with light.
  • If there are animal warning signs, take extra precautions. Keep an eye on the sides of the road where an animal may dart out. Slow down.
  • If there is a live animal in the road, don’t try to dodge around it. Use the car horn to scare it off. Trying to go around it may make the animal charge the vehicle, especially if it is mating season. Cars have been known to get attacked by deer during this time. Dodging an animal can also put you in front of oncoming traffic.

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