Big Rig Merges Into Vehicle on I-30

Some of the worst accidents you’ll see are the work of the big tractor trailers. One person is dead from a big rig failing to stop, and the resulting crash brought traffic to a halt going both directions on I-30.

According to the local CBS station, the truck didn’t slow down in the least as a car merged into traffic in front of it.  As a result, the huge truck smashed into the back of the car, destroying it.

There are always several mitigating factors involved when a crash happens.  Are the brakes working? Was there alcohol involved? Were there any things distracting the driver? What kind of road conditions were there? These questions and more are what an investigator is going to be looking at. The answers to those questions can determine if there is a case.

The company, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, may have had many prior violations since the end of last year. There may also be current violations for the company believed to be involved as recent as February of this year.

If you’ve been involved in an accident involving a tractor trailer, a lot of questions will need to be answered.  We can possibly help you get a resolution to your case.  Give our attorneys a call.


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