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    Amusement Park Denies Allegations of Wrongful Death

    Recently filed court documents indicate Six Flags is denying any liability in the death of a rider on one of its roller coasters in part because it was not the manufacturer or designer’s fault.

    Six Flags’ response to the allegations of wrongful death were filed on October 4th in the Tarrant County District Court. The family of Rosa Esparrza, who fell 75 feet to her death while riding the Texas Giant roller coaster at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, filed the suit. The park remained open but the Texas Giant ride was closed while the company and its engineers investigated.

    The roller coaster reopened in September.

    Six Flags said in a statement that it followed maintenance and inspection procedures recommended by manufacturer Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. The company also pointed out that about 2.5 million people had been on the roller coaster before the incident.

    It is clear that this case will be fought before being settled. There is a reasonable expectation that when people go to amusement and theme parks, they will be able to partake of the fun and thrills of the rides that are there. Park owners and engineers of amusement rides have an obligation to ensure the safety of their patrons and visitors. The fatal accident that killed this woman will likely be meticulously reconstructed and deliberated before everything is settled.

    If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident at an amusement park, theme park, fair attraction or some other sort of midway park, you need a good attorney on your side. Injuries and even death that are a direct result from amusement rides are not the victim’s fault. You have rights and the law protects those rights. Injuries such as back and neck injuries, falls, head trauma and even fatal blunt force trauma can be caused by amusement park rides and attractions.

    When you are hurt, medical expenses, long term recovery and physical therapy, other medical or funeral expenses and even pain and suffering can quickly add up and exact a toll on families. We will take the time to discuss your case with you and give you sound advice on how to proceed with your personal injury or accident case. We have years of experience in the Texas courts and have successfully represented clients in their claims. We are here to help you. Your initial consultation with our legal offices is confidential, and at no cost or obligation to you.

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