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    Workplace Accident at Baylor Under Investigation

    Workplace Accident at Grapevine Workplace Accident at Grapevine, Dallas

    An odor of unknown origin caused evacuations at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine on Thursday morning.

    Emergency crews were summoned to Baylor Medical Center after five members of the hospital staff were overcome by fumes of some sort. Those involved in the incident said they experienced dizziness and nausea.

    The third floor of the hospital, which houses roughly 20 rooms, was evacuated as a precaution. No patients have reported any symptoms related to the odor.

    The Grapevine fire department worked to find the source of the fumes. Fire department personnel, however, were unable to identify the source of the fumes or find anything in the air using special “sniffers”.

    Baylor Health Care System’s environmental safety and emergency management team is now conducting its own tests to attempt to locate the source.

    All jobs have the potential for a workplace accident to happen. Accidents can happen from falls, and exposure to chemicals and solvents. This is definitely true of jobs that are geared toward public service. Workers at facilities such as airports, transportation centers and even hospitals can be exposed to chemical accidents.

    If you are injured on the job you may be able to collect financial damages for a workplace or on-the job injury or accident. Keeping accurate records of the entire incident is important. Don’t be tempted to sign a statement or settle a claim too quickly. Be sure to retain copies of all documents received from your employer and the insurance carrier regarding your on the job accident or illness, including:

    • The number of days you are off the job.
    • Records of all medical treatments including dates, names of physicians, out of pocket costs or those that you turn in to your insurance company.
    • Records of all of the mileage you have traveled both to and from your medical treatments.
    • All receipts for any and all out-of-pocket prescription costs and other related medical expenses and costs that you incur as a result of your on-the-job injuries.

    If you or a loved one has suffered injury or been in an accident in the workplace, give us a call. Our lawyers have been successfully representing clients in the Florida courts for many years. We are focused on getting you the highest level of compensation possible for your injuries, as well as all expenses lost wages, pain and suffering. When you call our office, you will be matched with one of our attorneys who will go over the details of your case with you. They will then outline possible courses of action and can get the process toward your settlement claim started. We are here to help. Your initial consultation is always confidential and without cost or obligation to you.

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