Tire Recalls Dismal According to Investigation

Our_blown_out_tire_(5825750927)Car recalls hit the news all the time, but tire recalls are not very effective according to the NTSB. Only one in five tires ever get successfully recalled. This can lead to fatal accidents depending on the defect.

The problem is that tire manufacturers are not able to contact who has the tires. The vast majority of tires are sold by independent dealers that are not required to register information about their sales with the manufacturers. There is a procedure for dealers to be able to do it, but most don’t take the time to do so. Consumers can also register their tires, but most consumers don’t see a need to do so.

An investigation into tire recalls has lead to 11 recommendations to fix the problem, including improvements to the NTSB’s tire recall website which they said was very confusing for consumers. They are recommending that congress take action to require proper registration of all tires sold.

According to NTSB statistics, 500 fatalities and 19,000 people are injured annually due to tire related accidents. There have been 55 recalls involving over 3 million tires between 2009 and 2013.

Do you feel like your tire failed on you prematurely? Do you think it should have been recalled? Find out with our help. We will help you determine the responsible party and whether or not you may be due compensation.


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