Rider Left Severely Injured in Hit and Run

It is a tragedy to get hit by a vehicle, regardless of the circumstances.  It is especially tragic when you are the sole breadwinner for your family and you get hit, leaving your family to scramble for resources.  To have the driver run away from the scene on top of that is unthinkable.

The unthinkable happened to Joshua Bricker.  He was riding his motorcycle to work, minding his own business as a Nissan Altima pulled up behind him.   The driver of the Altima was distracted, on his phone and otherwise believing that he ruled the road.

Bricker decided that he would pass the Altima, but the driver was angered and cut Bricker off.  It was a choice between the car and the wall, and Bricker threw his arm into the wall and tried to right himself.  He was caught between his bike and the wall, dragged around 700 yards.

The driver of the Altima sped off like nothing happened.  Bricker was trying to prevent head injury or going over the wall.  When Bricker was released from his torment, his foot had a hole in it, his finger was barely being held in place, and he had sustained multiple other injuries.

The worst pain is not being able to provide for his family.   “I feel it’s my fault that my kids can’t have what they can have.”  Bricker mentioned.  A fundraising page has been created, and police continue the search for the gold Altima.

If you have been injured and you’re wondering how you’re going to care for your family, give us a call.  We can help you get what you deserve: peace of mind.


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