New Distracted Driving Campaign Launches

Despite legal bans and campaigns, texting while driving is continuing to rise in Texas. Nevertheless, a new campaign is launching to try to convince Texas drivers to stop driving while distracted. CBS Dallas has more.

Last year, there were nearly 110,000 distracted driving crashes in Texas. 452 people were killed in these crashes and many more were injured. In response to this, Texas is launching a ‘Talk, Text, Crash’ campaign to warn about the dangers of distracted driving.

It’s crucial not to drive while distracted. Even just a few seconds at speed can send your car much further than you expected. When you are out on the road, put the phone where you can’t reach it. You won’t be rude if you don’t answer. In fact, it’s rude of others to expect you to respond while you are driving. It’s also a risk to your life and to the lives of others on the road.

We encourage you not to text and drive for another reason. If an insurance company finds out you were texting and driving during a crash, it will negatively affect how much compensation you can get.

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