Horrific Chain Reaction Accident in Collin County

Chain reaction crashes are tricky for both legal and insurance reasons. Who pays whom and who is responsible for what? A skilled lawyer can help those who are struggling for answers after a chain reaction crash, like the one that recently happened according to CBS.

Four people were killed and nine were injured in a gigantic crash in Collin County. A young driver slowed down to make turn and got hit in the rear by a pickup truck. It pushed the driver’s car into oncoming traffic and tangled up three other vehicles.

Those injured were sent to various area hospitals. At least two are in critical condition. Police shut down the road to perform an exhaustive investigation. Complicated crashes like these must be analyzed thoroughly so that the courts and insurance companies can get the answers they need to make judgments.

Was the pickup following too closely? Did the first driver slow down to quickly? Whatever the case, the families of those caught up in this tragedy deserve answers.

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