Drunk Driver Plows through the Neighborhood

A driver doesn’t have to cause injury to someone to be liable in a civil suit. Property damage is another major reason why a suit is filed. It can be very expensive to replace property. Some accidents can even make an entire home unlivable until they’re repaired. When alcohol is added to the mix, the damage can be even greater.

One man is going to have to pay for a lot of damage. The man, who was arrested for drunk driving, crossed over three lanes of traffic, then hit a curb, a fire hydrant, and a fence before plowing into an apartment building. The accident happened just after 11 PM at Village Fair Drive near I-35. Fortunately for this driver, the occupant in the apartment was uninjured.

Enough damage was sustained by the vehicle that rescuers had to cut the man out of the car. He was taken to the hospital for examination then charged.

Who is going to pay for all this damage? Certainly, this will be something that the property owners will examine with their lawyers. If they feel they could get the money from this man, there’s a good chance this guy will see both criminal and civil charges.

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