Dallas Police Officer Saves Family From DUI Accident

A Guardian angel can come in many forms. For one Dallas man and his 14-month old daughter, their own angel came in the guise of a Dallas Police Officer who saved them from what could have been a tragic accident with a DUI driver.

In a story that appeared on local CBS station in Dallas-Fort Worth, Nate Brinkley is grateful that, on January 29th at approximately 8:30 p.m.,v

Along with his gratitude, Brinkley is also feeling other emotions toward anyone who would put others in danger by driving under the influence of alcohol. “I’m pretty angry that people make the decision to drink and drive. You never know if you get in an accident, who’re you’re going to hit. Is it a child?” he said.

The Dallas Police Department has not released the name of the DWI driver who was arrested at the scene for DWI.  They also have not released the name of the police officer who helped save Brinkley and his baby girl from injury. Officials did, however, say that the heroic police officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and is expected to be ok.

Brinkley said that he would someday like the opportunity to thank them. We commend this officer for their brave service. It is rare that someone will throw their car in front of another like that.


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