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    Illegal Fireworks Destroy Home in Fire

    A family in Frisco is now homeless after it was destroyed in a massive fire linked to the use of fireworks. Frisco fire officials say it was the result of a tragic accident.

    The homeowner said his two sons were setting off fireworks that make a cone-shaped fountain of sparks. Afterwards, they doused the spent fireworks with water and threw them away in a trash can in the garage. That turned out to be a huge mistake.

    “Even though you believe that they’re out, the heat signature from the fireworks can last for a couple of days sometimes,” said Mark Piland, Frisco fire chief.

    The blaze left 75 percent of the house and the three vehicles destroyed.

    “It’s got me too nervous and too jittery,” said Todd Keene, a neighbor. “I don’t want to see something like that happen. The flames were like a blow torch blowing out of the house.”

    Frisco has a city ordinance preventing the possession or lighting of fireworks. Fire officials say the incident is under investigation and it’s too early to say whether any citations will be issued.

    “It could have been prevented,” said Courtney Keene, a neighbor. “Fireworks are scary. Fire is scary. You always hear as a kid, ‘Don’t play with fire; don’t mess with fire.’ This is why you don’t do that.”

    Piland says the two young men who set off the fireworks were devastated and he wants to emphasize that the only safe fireworks are those in the hands of professionals.

    “Leave the fireworks to the pros,” agreed Keene. “Don’t satisfy your kids and risk burning down your house or killing your family.”

    No one was injured in the fire.

    In spite of the tragedy of the loss of their home, this family was still very lucky. If someone had been killed or if the blaze had spread to another home or caused injury to others, the story could have been even more tragic.

    Fireworks are traditionally a part of the celebration and fun on the Fourth of July and other holidays. However, because they pose a threat as potential explosive devices, there are laws in the State of Texas which control both the sale and the use of fireworks to consumers. The sale of fireworks in Texas is limited to the dates of June 24th to July 4th and December 20th to – January 1st. In Texas, rocket-type fireworks are banned because of the high rate of injuries and property damage connected to their use.

    Laws, however, do not always ensure the safety of the public. Fireworks, according to the Federal Hazardous Substance Act are classified as a hazardous substance. In 2011, there were over 9,000 injuries and four fatalities directly contributed to the use of fireworks according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    If you or a loved one has been injured or suffered property damage due to the use of fireworks, give our offices a call. We will go over your case in detail and do everything possible in order to insure and protect your rights and help you to receive the maximum compensation that you deserve. We will take the time to go over your case and to also insure that the manufacturer or party responsible for your injuries or damage is brought to justice. Your consultation with one of or legal professionals is both confidential and free of charge. 

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