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Dallas Rear End Accident Find a Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer You Can Count On

Drivers in the Dallas area are at a high risk for rear-end collisions. Nationwide, the roads see around 1.7 million rear-end collisions in a single year. A startling 87% of rear-end collisions are attributed to driver distraction.

Many drivers think that because rear-end collisions are so common they will be easy to deal with, but this is often not the case. Insurance companies are used to getting around rear-end collisions and it can be hard to get the court to take your case seriously. An experienced rear-end accident law firm can help you overcome these difficulties.

Understanding Rear-End Collisions in Dallas

There are a number of common causes for rear-end collisions, including:

  • Unexpected Stops
  • Tailgating
  • Brake-Checking

Rear-end collisions can also occur if a driver pulls out unexpectedly or when lines of drivers get too close to one another to allow for proper braking distance. While rear-end collisions can be easy to avoid with safe driving practices, their prevalence on the road shows that this is easier said than done.

If you are one of the many unfortunate individuals involved in a rear-end collision every year, you need to act fast to deal with the accident. Handling a rear-end collision properly can require you to:

Rear-end collisions can sometimes be settled easily with the other driver. However, often the driver’s insurance company will refuse to pay damages for the accident. This can leave you with high medical bills that you can’t pay. Our Dallas car accident lawyers can help you stand up to insurance companies to get the compensation you need.

Stand Strong with a Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies frequently down-play the effects of a rear-end collision, but these accidents can lead to serious medical issues. Whiplash is the most common effect of a rear-end collision. Some drivers have also been paralyzed and in certain cases drivers have died.

Regardless of the injuries you suffered, you deserve compensation for your medical bills and any damage to your vehicle. A rear-end car accident lawyer can help you by gathering evidence, speaking with eye-witnesses, hiring an investigator, and even reconstructing the accident when necessary.

All of this hard work is often necessary to successfully win your case in Dallas. Texas uses modified comparative fault rules to assign damages after a rear-end collision. Modified comparative fault allows the court to assign blame for an accident to multiple drivers. If you are found to be more than 50% at fault, you will not receive any compensation.

Our Dallas drunk driving accident lawyers can work to prove that you were not to blame for the rear-end collision. We’ll also help you establish that your injuries were caused by the collision, so you can get the funds you need to pay your medical bills.

Keep in mind that you only have two years to file a personal injury claim for a rear-end collision before the statute of limitation expires. In some cases, insurance companies will try to drag their feet, running out the clock so you can’t get the compensation you need.

Find a Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer You Can Count On

Dealing with a rear-end collision doesn’t have to be a nightmare. A professional legal team that has experience dealing with rear-end car accidents can make the process easier and less stressful. You need a car accident lawyer who understands how to handle insurance companies.

Skill and experience are not the only important factors you should look for in a law firm. You will need to work closely with a rear-end car accident lawyer, so make sure you find someone you can trust. Successful rear-end collision cases require communication and trust.

You can narrow down your options for a rear-end collision lawyer by checking out a law firm’s payment policies. High-quality car accident lawyers usually only request payment for legal fees after they’ve won your case or gotten you an acceptable settlement.

Don’t Wait to Get Help after a Rear-End Collision

You have a better chance of getting the compensation you need after a rear-end collision if you act quickly. Our Dallas drunk driving accident lawyers are available to help you today. We can investigate your case and help you fight the insurance companies for damages. Let us start working on your case right now with a FREE consultation.

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