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Dallas Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus Accident Lawyers Dallas Our Dallas Bus Accident Attorneys are Here to Help

The number of busses in Dallas and the surrounding area is constantly increasing. Along with the number or busses comes the number or bus accidents, which have also increased. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a bus, you may need the help of a Dallas bus accident lawyer. With an attorney on your side, you won’t feel vulnerable and your rights will be protected.

DART has expanded and many of the suburbs of Dallas have opened new schools causing more busses on the roads. Many organizations have begun offering charters to cut down on individual transportation, which also causes more busses to take up the roadways. This provides more opportunities for a bust to strike another vehicle, a pedestrian or cause any other type of accident. You may need a bus accident lawyer in Dallas, Texas to help fight for your rights.

How a Bus Accident Lawyer in Dallas Can Help

With the help of a skilled bus accident attorney in Dallas, you can gain just compensation for your injuries. If you were riding the bus as it became involved in an accident, it was clearly not your fault. Often your attorney can file a claim against multiple parties, depending on the nature of the accident.

It can become tricky to figure out what type of compensation and how much you deserve. Without an attorney to help, you may not gain full compensation for the traumatic experience and injuries you suffered. As soon as you receive medical treatment, you should contact a Dallas bus accident attorney to help with the case.

How will Your Bus Accident Attorney in Dallas, Texas Make your Case?

Once you hire a Dallas, Texas bus accident lawyer, they will make your case by providing proof of the four legal elements; duty, breach, causation and damages. These four elements fit with nearly all personal injury case and without the ability to prove all four, your attorney will struggle to win the case. Here’s what each one includes:

  • Duty – This is also known as “duty of care”, which in a bus accident is the reasonable expectation of passengers not being exposed to harm due to the actions of another, such as the driver of the bus. For example, expecting the bus driver to obey traffic laws and drive the speed limit.
  • Breach – When the bus driver doesn’t abide by the expected standards and puts others in harm, they have breached reasonable duty of care. If the negligence of the driver caused the accident, they’ve caused a breach of duty of care.
  • Causation – Proving causation is very important and your attorney must prove the defendant’s actions or negligence caused your injuries. Without proof of causation, you won’t win the case.
  • Damages – If your attorney can prove the first three elements, they will gain the opportunity to prove damages caused by the accident. This can include anything from medical bills and lost wages to compensation for pain and suffering.

In most cases, your Dallas, TX bus accident lawyer won’t take your case unless they believe they can provide proof of all four elements in a courtroom. A high percentage of accident cases won’t make it to a trial and will settle outside the courtroom, but your attorney must prepare for the possibility of a trial.

The Services your Dallas, TX Bus Accident Attorney Provides

After hiring a Dallas bus accident law firm, they will walk you through what to expect. Your attorney will hire investigators, expert witnesses, interview eyewitnesses and other passengers, reconstruct the accident (if necessary), gather evidence and build your case. They most do this to help seek a fair settlement and to prepare for trial.

If the bus company, insurance companies and all others involved believe they will lose if the case goes to a trial, they will most likely settle. Most of the time, for the insurance company, the bottom line is their only concern. If they believe it will cost more to take the case to trial than to settle, they will settle.

Our Dallas Bus Accident Attorneys are Here to Help

After an accident of any nature, you may not know where to turn. First and foremost, you need to seek medical treatment, but once you’ve been treated, you should contact an attorney. Our bus accident lawyers in Dallas can help by providing a FREE legal consultation. They will answer any questions and gather the necessary details to properly evaluate your claim. Start your case today by contacting one of our lawyers, here.

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