Watercraft Accident on Joe Pool Lake Leaves 1 Dead

Vattenskoter via Wikimedia Creative CommonsLaw enforcement officials said that a 42-year-old man has died after a watercraft accident on Joe Pool Lake.  Diversion wardens with the Lone-Star State Parks and life Department said that four people on two different plane skis lost control and crashed.

According to authorities, the deceased man had been wedged from the side by another craft.   The trauma suffered after the accident was serious, and the victims were transported to an area hospital for immediate treatment.

Eyewitnesses to the accident say that paramedics and police met the boat after it got close enough to the dock. Medical specialists performed CPR on the wharf before taking the victim and driving him to receive additional emergency care.

A fireman from the Dallas Fire-Rescue performed cardiovascular revival on the victim.

Although Great Meadows Police Department have no permit or training to work a plane ski, they still made an attempt to provide needed assistance in the critical situation.

Area rescuers say that they have seen a greater number of “untrained, inadequate individuals trying their hand at recreational water vehicles without first taking the time to become trained on them. Dedicated focus must always pre-date ambition when learning how to operate a water vehicle

Officials say that it only takes one moment to let your guard down before a watercraft accident can happen

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