Three Hit And Runs Over The Weekend

North Texas saw a string of hit-and-run accidents recently. Three of them happened over the weekend. CBS DFW has information on the three accidents.

The first happened on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. A driver ran a red light and hit a car turning into the intersection. The driver of the turning car was killed in the impact. The driver ran away on foot, abandoning his vehicle. Police found a large number of alcohol bottles in the SUV. Fortunately, the driver has since been arrested.

The second happened on I-20 near Polk Street. In that case, the impact caused the SUV to flip, killing one and injuring another. The driver responsible for the crash left the scene.

The last one happened in Denton on I-35. A body was lying in the center median area hidden from view. The crash impact knocked the man into the air and between the concrete barriers. Police say the driver may not be at fault for hitting the man since pedestrians aren’t allowed on interstates, but the driver is in trouble for failing to stop and render aid. Instead, that driver fled and failed to call 911.

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