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    Three Dead, Including Infant, In Rollover Crash

    Any vehicle has the potential to roll over in an accident. A recent rollover crash in Fort Worth recently took the lives of three people, one of them an infant.

    In a recent news story that was reported on the CBS news affiliate station on Dallas, the fatal crash happened at approximately 8:15 p.m. on Sunday evening in the 9700 block of Blue Mound Road.

    Fort Worth police investigators say that the three-vehicle accident happened when a white Honda Civic suddenly veered into oncoming traffic where it was struck by a pickup truck. The third vehicle then crashed into the two other vehicles that were involved in the initial impact.

    Authorities say that two of the occupants of the Honda Civic who were in the front seats of the vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.  An infant who was also in the Honda Civic was later pronounced dead at the scene by Fort Worth Police.

    The accident has also left two more adults and two children injured in the crash. The two children were transported to Cook Children’s Medical Center where they are in critical condition. The driver of the pickup truck and the driver of the third vehicle also suffered serious injury in the crash and were transported to area hospitals for treatment. Authorities have not yet released the identities of any of the crash victims.

    It may take some time before investigators know exactly what happened to cause this tragic rollover crash. A rollover crash can be terrifying because when they happen there is nothing a driver or anyone else can do until the vehicle comes to a rest.  It is well known that such crashes most often occur with an SUV, but any vehicle can potentially rollover and cause extremely serious injuries or tragically end in death.

    If you or a loved one has been involved in a rollover crash or any other kind of an accident, especially one that ends in tragedy, you need an attorney who will work for you.  If you live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area our firm will work beside you every step of the way to protect your rights and help you receive fair compensation. We will also be there to help you deal with all of the unexpected things that can arise after an accident. Whether it is handling any legal matters or dealing with insurance companies or other entities concerned with your case, we are committed to helping you. Contact us today to schedule a free, personalized consultation and legal analysis.

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