Teen Passenger Dies in Racing Accident

download (39)These types of accident stories are heartbreaking because they’re preventable.  They serve as reminders that the privilege of driving isn’t something that should be taken lightly.

A high school student, Esperanza, was released for lunch.  She was supposed to come right back, but she did not.  There were three vehicles in the crash that took young Esperanza’s life.   Esperanza, in fact, was a passenger in the car that she was in.

No, the person driver was thought to have been speeding and racing along the roadway.  That, of course, has not been confirmed, but it is likely that speed might have been a factor.

“She was ready to start her life and to be an adult and start taking care of herself and it’s just hard because right when she was fixing to get ready to be able to do that it was taken away,” says Esperanza’s mother.

It is one of those things that hits home, especially for a loved student like Esperanza.  Three people other than Esperanza, one of them critically.  The students at the high school are all remembering this vivacious teen in prayer circles.  She is in our thoughts, as well.

What happens when the other people on the road are taking an innocent drive out on the road, trying to make it back from lunch?  Who is going to pay for the injuries that occurred as a result of the crash?  Our attorneys can help you get to the bottom of the situation for you. Just give us a call.


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