Teacher Caught Up in High Speed Chase

download (20)Police chases are dangerous not just for the participants, but for innocent bystanders as well. One unfortunate person got caught up in the middle of one by stopping the perpetrator with their vehicle.

At the intersection of Northwest Highway and Garland Road, a special-education teacher was crossing with his minivan when he was sideswiped by the fleeing vehicle. Police believe that the SUV they were chasing was stolen. The SUV didn’t see that the light was red, or didn’t care, and made a run for it.

After the crash, the suspect tried to get out and run away on foot but was soon apprehended.

Luckily for everyone involved, no one was injured in the crash. The teacher considers himself fortunate that it wasn’t worse.

While people may debate about the necessity of high-speed police chases, right now they are legal and happen every day. The best you can do is keep an ear out for sirens and get out of the way as best as you can. But if you are caught in a crash and you’re injured, you should get legal representation. Contact our personal injury attorneys for a free consultation. Our law firm serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


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