Student Death Crash Revealed to be Street Racing

Last month, a crash involving high school students shocked the area. Now, further information has been revealed by NBC 5. Street racing was involved in the crash.

The two vehicles were all being driven by minors who were of age to drive. They were racing down Mira Vista Boulevard just before midnight. One of the cars stopped at the four-way stop at Wayfarer drive, but the other one kept going. The SUV slammed into a tree and killed the children in the front on impact.

The third person in the vehicle was only saved because the people in the stopped car saw the accident and rushed out to help. That person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Those involved with the incident have been speaking with police about what happened.

This will be a life-long lesson to the survivors. Never race down the roads of Dallas, or anywhere for that matter. Racing belongs on tracks, not on public roads. Those who fail to heed this warning get in accidents like this one.

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