Second Person Involved In Grand Prairie Crash Dies

Marcin WicharyIt’s a hard fact to swallow, but when we are on the road, we are literally putting our own lives in serious risk. Far too many people lose their lives because of tragic crashes

Tragically, a second victim in a single-car accident in Grand Prairie has died.

Danny Nicholson was driving his Chevrolet Camaro when he lost control and spun, crashing in to a tree. He and his passenger, Eduardo Morales, were trapped inside. Morales died on the scene, but Nicholson was flown in a helicopter to Methodist Dallas Medical Center in critical condition. He did not survive the injuries.

If a loved one has recently died in a similar car accident, the last thing you may be thinking about now if the financial consequences of the crash. But you will eventually have to face the mountain of bills and charges, from hospital and ambulance bills to repair bills to funeral expenses.

Most people don’t have enough money just lying around their house to pay for all that, and insurance companies rarely pay out enough to handle the expenses, either. That can leave you in a difficult financial situation, a situation you probably are not emotionally ready to face.

In that case, you need expert legal representation to help you get the compensation you need and deserve. Get a skilled lawyer to fight for you, in court if necessary, so you don’t have to have all that stress on your shoulders alone.

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