Hit and Run on I-30 Near Rowlett

Once again, we have to warn readers that running away from a crash scene is a sure way to turn the police and the insurance companies against you. NBC DFW is reporting on a hit and run that happened on I-30.

Police in Rowlett say that a pedestrian was illegally on I-30 when he was struck. The driver should have stopped to render assistance. Instead, he just kept going. The pedestrian was killed in the impact.

Police are now looking for who might have done it. They blocked lanes for several hours to perform their investigation. No further details have been released.

If this driver had stopped, there’s a very good chance that they may have had few legal issues. Pedestrians are not allowed on the interstate. It is extremely dangerous to stop your car or get out of it while you are on one. If you’re broken down, you call the police, turn on hazards, and wait for them to arrive so you can push your car safely to the shoulder.

There’s no good reason a pedestrian should have been out on the road. But now that the driver has run off without talking to police they’ve landed in legal hot water.

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