Family Faces DWI Man that Killed their Son

downloadA crash that left a son in a vegetative state for years before his death is finally coming to a close. The family of the son was able to face the man who ran into the back of their vehicle in court. He plead guilty to his crimes of felony DWI and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The mother could not find the words to express how she felt toward the person who ultimately killed her son, even though she speaks several languages. She did say that she forgave the man, but she also wanted to seek justice.

The man accused could face anywhere from 5 years in prison to 99 years. Not once did the man ever send word to the family apologizing for his actions, though he was able to communicate with other people during the court process.

No amount of money can bring back a dead loved one, but sometimes it is worth pursing punitive damages in a case when someone has egregiously caused harm to another person. This man was a serial drunk driver. Those days may not be at an end after his sentencing.

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