Ex-Jailer Gets Probation for Hit-and-Run

MSVGWe are all equipped with a degree of human kindness, a form of compassion that should move us to help others when we can. Certainly that kindness would make us stand up and help others when we’ve caused the problem in the first place. Unfortunately, it seems that compassion isn’t so strongly rooted in everyone, especially when alcohol is involved.

An ex-jailer has been sentenced to probation after a hit and run in 2012 that killed a married college student in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jeffrey Holland and a friend were heading to a strip club from a bar, driving westbound on I-30 near Beach Street. Along that Beach Street exit, Ladrieka Waggoner was walking on the shoulder when Holland’s jeep struck her. The jeep pushed up against the guardrail, severing her body. It also released Holland’s jeep’s airbags and blew off the T-top from his vehicle. But he kept driving, anyway.

The next morning, someone found Waggoner’s body and personal belongings, as well as the T-top. Police were able to use the T-top to find Holland in his home. He smelled of alcohol when they found him, and his jeep showed damage and body fluids on its front.

Now, Holland has been given probation for his hit and run.

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