Accident on I-20 in Arlington Leaves 1 Dead

Benchill via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseDriving is someone many teenagers look forward to. It is a time in their life where they start to experience a new kind of freedom. They have the freedom to drive to work, go to a friend’s place, or just take a nice relaxing cruise. Unfortunately, with this freedom, comes the harsh reality that driving can be very dangerous. Even when the driver is operating the vehicle safely, there are still other drivers that might not be as safe.

Unfortunately, such an accident happened in Arlington earlier this October. On eastbound I-20, a multi vehicle wreck happened. While the details are unclear, there was a two to three vehicle wreck that resulted in the death of one teenager and the rest of the passengers of the car were transported to the hospital.

 The death or injury of a loved one can be devastating. The emotional pain alone is enough to cripple a person. Then you add in the hospital bills, stress, and the time one has to take off work to handle everything and that can leave a person not only emotionally crippled but also financially crippled. For these reasons, compensation is a necessity.

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