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NTSB Releases Report About Summer 2019 Plane Crash That Killed 10 People

The Star-Telegram reported on Thursday that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB ) had warned the pilot prior to takeoff of an oil issue with a plane that later crashed, killing 10 people in June of 2019.

The NTSB recently released a 438-page report regarding the crash that happened at the Addison Airport on June 30, 2019.  According to the report, the Beechcraft King Air 350 crashed just moments after taking off, rolled into a nearby hangar, and burst into flames. The crash killed everyone on board: the pilot, copilot, and eight passengers.

Included in the documents released by the NTSB was the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder.  On the tape, 71-year-old pilot Howard Cassady of Fort Worth can be heard talking with another person about the engine on the left side of the plane approximately one hour before the flight took off.  A mechanic reportedly told Cassady that, “there is a burn issue on the number one engine.”

The pilot was further instructed to monitor the number one engine, take notes about “the oil issue,” and that the plane had been checked out each time that it went out.

At 9:10 a.m., just six-second after the plane left the runway and had only climbed to 100 feet, Cassady asked, “What in the world?”  The copilot, 28-year-old Matthew Palmer, answered, “You just lost your left engine.”  Just moments later, the copilot said an expletive just moments before the sound of the plane crashing.

Witnesses who were at the Addison Airport at the time of the crash say that it sounded as if the plane was having engine trouble as soon as it took off. 

The passengers on board the plane who also lost their lives include the owners of the plane, Brian and Ornella Ellard,  their children Dylan and Alice Maritato, Steve and Gina Thelen, and John and Mary Titus.   

The surviving family members of two of the families killed in the crash have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against EE Operations LLC, the company from which the Ellard family-owned and purchased the aircraft.

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