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Firefighter Recovering After New Year’s Eve Crash

A Fort Worth firefighter is on the long road to recovery after a crash on New Year’s Eve left her severely injured.

According to a report appearing on the NBCDFW website, Forth Worth Fire Company’s Engine ll fire crew was responding to a rollover crash that was reported near the Texas Motor Speedway.

Firefighter, Shonna Moorman, a member of the crew responding to the call, had just gotten out of the fire engine to attend to the victims of the rollover crash when the squeal of brakes and tires filled the air.

Moorman attempted to get in front of the fire truck to get out of the way of the oncoming car, but she didn’t make it in time.  Fort Worth Fire Department’s Public Information Officer, Mike Drivdahl told NBC’s Allie Spillyards that Moorman’s leg was pinned between the vehicle that hit her and the fire engine she had just gotten out of.

Determining that the driver from the rollover crash was alright, the firefighters turned their attention from the rollover crash to their injured crewmember.  Drivdahl says that while emergency crews are conditioned to help others when it’s one of your own, you do whatever you can to help. “You don’t want to see anything bad happen to the ones you spend a third of your life with,” he said.

Moorman was rushed to Baylor Medical Center in Grapevine.

Firefighters, police, and other emergency responders today are experiencing accidents or near misses more often than ever. Drivdahl says that such incidents happen at least twice a month and that most firefighters would rather fight fires than have to deal with the unpredictable situations that occur along our busy roadways. Drivdahl advises motorists to slow down to avoid a potential tragedy.

The driver who hit Moorman remained at the scene of the crash and cooperated fully with the authorities. Officials have not said whether the driver will be facing any charges in connection with the crash.

Moorman, though still recovering, but is extremely lucky the accident was not much worse.

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