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Pipeline Explosion Near Milford Forces Evacuations

pipeline-explosion-near-milford-forces Rusty water pipe in the trench ground overhead view. Repairing of the water delivery system. Open trench with water pipe and heap of ground near. Industrial plumbing concept.


The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that a Chevron pipeline exploded near a drilling rig near Interstate 35. Flames could be seen shooting into the air and some vehicles at the work site had been burned.

Nearby residents have been encouraged to evacuate as a precautionary measure. Lt. James Salter said that deputies are going door-to-door in Milford, advising people in the town of about 700 to leave. Most are taking shelter in the nearby town of Italy.

Authorities expect that it will be approximately 24 hours before the evacuation order is lifted. No injuries have been reported in the incident and hazmat crews have been called to the scene.

There has been a record $700 million in property damages and hundreds of related injuries and deaths because of pipeline accidents. The Federal Emergency Regulatory Commission (FERC) requires that gas and energy companies conduct regular inspections of their pipelines to insure that they are in good repair and are safe. Inspections usually consist of the energy or gas company sending a small robot, commonly referred to in the industry as a “pig” through the pipeline. The robot or pig has the ability to detect any defects or leaks in the pipeline. An energy company is also required to submit reports to the FERC on a regular basis.

However, even in a best case scenario accidents can still happen. If you or your family member were injured or have suffered a loss because of a pipeline rupture or explosion, give us a call. Our experienced lawyers will meet with you to discuss the details of your case. You have rights under the law and we are here to protect you. We have successfully been representing our clients in the Texas courts. Your initial consultation is confidential and without cost or obligation to you.

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